Ask ELi: Why was ELi’s website down today?

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Gary Caldwell for ELi

Readers of ELi may have noticed that our website was inaccessible for part of today. We thank those of you who wrote to us to let us know you were having problems, and we appreciate your patience.

The problem wasn’t actually on our end. Our server host, A2 Hosting, suffered a problem on their end that prevented us all from being able to access for a few hours.

ELi Tech Manager Lisa Lees kept me and our Managing Editor Emily Joan Elliott apprised through the day of the service updates, and let us know when the ELi site became accessible again.

The website you see is literally the tip of the iceberg of ELi’s work bringing news for East Lansing, so we just kept doing our usual work in the background. After we had our morning editorial meeting, Emily attended a voting audit event and the weekly Ingham County Health Department press conference on Covid-19. I worked on administrative tasks (January is full of them for small businesses like ours!) and prepared for the two meetings I’ll be watching today: Downtown Management Board and City Council. Our reporters kept working on their assignments, while our General Manager Jodi Spicer is wrapping up our NewsMatch reporting.

Now that ELi’s website is back up, you should be able to access everything normally. Please let us know if you’re having any trouble! And thanks again for being part of this local news project.

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