Ask ELi: Will a Cell Tower Be Built Near Kedzie Street?

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Andrew Graham for ELi

The general area of the Kedzie Street public utility right-of-way, with a utility pole with a transformer (upper left).

On Nov. 23, an ELi reader shared a clipping from the Ingham County Legal News with the subject line: “I thought ELI might be interested in checking out the plans to put a 42 ft cell tower at 124A Kedzie.”

According to the clipping, from Nov. 19, Cellco Partnership and affiliates — working as Verizon Wireless — plan to construct a “42-foot tall public lighting communications tower” in a public utility right-of-way “at the approximate vicinity of” 124A Kedzie St. 

The note clipping continues by saying public comments “regarding potential effects from this site on historic properties” may be submitted up to 30 days after the note was published on Nov. 19. 

ELi asked City Staff about the proposed tower and its location — tucked off the alley behind the Element 903 building, located on Grand River Ave. 

According to East Lansing Director of Public Works Scott House, “A BWL streetlight will be replaced with a modified pole with a cellular transmitter at this location.”

According to the City’s small cell ordinance, utility poles in right-of-ways are not to exceed 40 feet without a special use permit. The proposed tower is supposed to be 42-feet tall. House noted that “the tower will not exceed 40 feet without a waiver.”

Those wishing to offer a public comment should reach out to Ari Zakroff at Trileaf Corp. Their contact information is: and 314-997-6111.

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