The Wild Turkeys of East Lansing

You may know turkey as that bird on your Thanksgiving table, but ELi’s Aron Sousa tells you more about our famous feathered neighbor, including where to take your visiting relatives to see rafters around East Lansing.

What We Know About The Montgomery Drain Project

In the weeks and months following torrential rains that flooded portions of East Lansing and numerous basements, ELi has had several readers inquire about the ongoing Montgomery Drain Project and its potential future impact in mitigating local flooding. What do we know?

Ask ELi: The Mysterious Case of the Quality Dairy French Onion Dip

In 2019, Quality Dairy announced that it would outsource production of its French Onion Dip to another family-owned producer, but promised the recipe would be exactly the same. Since then, some in the community claim the dip tastes different. Can the recipe be exactly the same and still taste different? Managing Editor Emily Joan Elliott set out on a mission to find out the answers.

Burcham Solar Park Blooming Soon

The second phase of the renewable energy project involves planting native perennial grasses and flowers. This should reduce maintenance and benefit pollinators. ELi’s Patty Bonito provides an update.