We Need a Little Break

It’s Emily’s birthday, and Alice is away, so you’ll see a little less from us for a few days. We hope it makes you appreciate the work of ELi’s team even more!

ELi Hosts Telethon with Actual Famous People

ELi is doing a telethon! Join us on Wednesday to hear from local newsmakers and nationally renown journalists and media commentators, including Dan Savage of “It Gets Better,” John Schwartz of The New York Times, Emily Yoffe of The Atlantic, Emily Nussbaum of The New Yorker, and NPR’s Peter Sagal! No kidding!

Why I Report for ELi

Why should you support ELi during our 2021 Sustainability Campaign? ELi’s City Desk Editor Andrew Graham explains why ELi is important to him and the community.

TSB Capital Advisors’ relations with Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors

This page tracks materials related to the involvement of TSB Capital Advisors in East Lansing’s Center City District deal. TSB Capital Advisors took credit for having “consulted on construction financing” for this deal, indicating, “This transaction continued the firm’s successful relationship with Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors.” The following letter from Timothy S. Bradley of TBS Capital Advisers was provided by Mark Bell of Harbor Bay as part of a packet presented for the Planning Commission meeting on March 22, 2017. (The packet included heavily redacted market studies.)


Here is more from the Harbor Bay presentation on the project to Planning Commission at that time:


Harbor Bay included TSB Capital in the list of groups it thanked in the May 2018 invitation to a celebration of the project. TSB has arranged funding for other Harbor Bay projects in Cleveland and Grand Forks (ND).

checklists for Covid-19





How to make sure Facebook is showing you ELi’s latest work

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Materials related to the Center City District deal




















ELi’s Summer Youth Journalism Program

East Lansing Info (ELi) isn’t just about producing meaningful news for the people of the East Lansing area. It’s also about engaging our community in the process of public-service journalism so that we increase media literacy and appreciation for high-quality journalism. We believe it is our job to help the people of our community learn to distinguish between real news and fake, independent news versus “sponsored content” (which we never publish), and fact from opinion. Our Summer Youth Journalism Program, running annually since 2017, contributes to both sides of ELi – news production and promotion of media literacy. Our program Director, Cody Harrell, has been at the heart of the program’s success.

East Lansing Info’s Annual Report for 2019

East Lansing Info (ELi) provides nonpartisan, nonprofit, meaningful local news and information about East Lansing, Michigan. We take donations from the community and engage a team of paid and volunteer citizen reporters in the process of bringing high-quality, accurate, relevant reports of life in East Lansing. Today we bring you a report of our activities for 2019. Highlights this year included:

Jodi Spicer joining us as Office Manager and NewsMatch CoordinatorJiquanda Johnson and Ann Nichols joining our Board of DirectorsDana Watson becoming Chair of our Community Advisory BoardCody Harrell adding an advanced course to our Summer Youth Journalism ProgramELi obtaining $30,000 in NewsMatch fundsRaymond Holt joining as lead photographer/videographer and producing a video that explains our work in less than four minutes:

In 2019, ELi brought 578 original reports from 45 local citizen-reporters (some of whom are professional reporters). We covered East Lansing city government, East Lansing Public Schools’ Board of Trustees, the City Council election, the institution of the new income tax, big development, zoning changes, parking issues, arts and entertainment, downtown businesses, police activity, the local environment, and a whole lot more.

Growing Their Businesses in the Town Where They Grew Up

Small business owners Hunter Seyfarth and Ken Campbell didn’t know each other when they attended East Lansing Public Schools. Seyfarth was four years older than Campbell — an eternity for a student. The two also lived in different neighborhoods, making the chance of an occasional encounter even more remote. But now as adults, the two “townies” find themselves in daily contact, fewer than 20 feet apart on East Lansing’s main drag. Seyfarth owns Evergreen Cycle and Repairs, a veteran retail mainstay on the city’s cycling scene.

East Lansing Info’s Annual Report for 2018

East Lansing Info (ELi) serves as this community’s dedicated independent local news organization. We are a public service news organization, operating in 2018 entirely on funds donated by readers, using local citizens as reporters. Our work is nonpartisan, noneditorial, and nonprofit. Today we bring you this report on our activities in 2018, including details on our income and expenses. We do this in part to remind you that no one owns ELi.