East Lansing Info (ELi) Announces Convening of Task Force

On Saturday, June 25, East Lansing Info (ELi) formally convened a special Task Force to research and make recommendations to help the Board of Directors chart a path forward for ELi’s future. After almost eight years of successful news production, due to loss of key staff and other challenges, the board has put a pause on ELi’s news reporting to form the task force to help chart a path for ELi’s future sustainability. We would like to acknowledge all that Dr. Alice Dreger has done over the years to create and operate a local news organization that is transparent and operates with the utmost integrity. She has been on sabbatical from ELi, working on research, writing, and speaking projects that had been put on hold for years because of ELi’s needs and dealing with family concerns. This sabbatical is being interrupted so she can lead this task force.

East Lansing Info (ELi) Announces New Board Members

The Board of Directors of East Lansing Info (ELi) is pleased to announce that Cody Harrell, Chuck Grigsby and Anne Hill have been unanimously approved and installed to serve on the Board. We believe that each of these individuals brings experience, skills, and insights that will enhance the future development of ELi. Cody Harrell is an East Lansing High School Journalism and English Teacher. He earned his undergraduate degree in English and Journalism in secondary education from Michigan State University in 2016. He has experience as a media consultant and has been the director of ELi’s Summer Youth program for five years.

Girl Scout Hopes to Sweeten the Semester for ELPS Employees

The article that had appeared at this url, about a sale of Girl Scout cookies, has been unpublished

This year, one Girl Scout in East Lansing is working to keep alive a tradition started last year by a Girl Scout Troop from Whitehills Elementary School: collecting enough donations to give a free box of Girl Scout cookies to each member of faculty and staff at East Lansing Public Schools. Last year, a troop from Whitehills collected enough donations to give 230 boxes of cookies to ELPS staff, enough to make sure everyone employed by the district went home with a box of cookies. While that troop is now working to give the same gift to nurses at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, one Girl Scout at East Lansing High School plans to make sure ELPS faculty and staff are not forgotten. Emmerson Davis, older sister of a member of the Whitehills troop, wants every member of faculty and staff at each of the eight buildings that make up ELPS to be given a box of cookies again this year. 

Davis wants to ensure that not just teachers but every worker of ELPS is thanked and cheered up again this year by receiving a free box of cookies from Girl Scouts. When asked why she chose to take on this endeavor, Davis told ELi she is doing it because she believes the teachers and staff in East Lansing’s community have been through so much, and that “cookies make everything better.”

Davis’ Girl Scout troop consists of herself only.

ELi and Dreger Move to Get Costs Paid Back In Now-Dismissed Defamation Suit; Chappelle Files For Appeal (Updated)

While ELi and its Publisher and Executive Director Alice Dreger move to ask the court to recoup costs incurred by the now-dismissed defamation lawsuit against them, real estate developer Scott Chappelle — who filed the suit — has filed a claim of appeal. Dreger and attorney Brian Wassom, who represents Dreger and ELi, explain what this means for ELi.

The Wild Turkeys of East Lansing

You may know turkey as that bird on your Thanksgiving table, but ELi’s Aron Sousa tells you more about our famous feathered neighbor, including where to take your visiting relatives to see rafters around East Lansing.

Why I Report for ELi

Managing Editor Emily Joan Elliott reflects on how ELi has grown as a community institution, including a four-fold growth of “Ask ELi to Investigate” in just one year.

What We Know About The Montgomery Drain Project

In the weeks and months following torrential rains that flooded portions of East Lansing and numerous basements, ELi has had several readers inquire about the ongoing Montgomery Drain Project and its potential future impact in mitigating local flooding. What do we know?

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“Thank You, Pandemic”?

More places to relax outdoors, convenient pink parking spots, MSU disciplining problematic off-campus behavior, more people participating in government. Maybe the pandemic hasn’t been all bad?

Flowers Brighten Up a Triangle

An ELi reader wrote in to say he finally figured out who was planting flowers at Lake Lansing Road and Towar Avenue, brightening the spot. We share his take in our “Little Local Joys” series.

List of Tags for Reporters


The Managing Editor is currently working to tag all stories that have been published on our new domain (eastlansinginfo.news), which came into being in April 2020. Make sure to search terms on our website to find all relevant work we’ve published, including older articles from our old domain, eastlansinginfo.org, September 2014-April 2020. Some stories may not yet be tagged, and the list of tags may grow. If you cannot find a back story that you think you need, let your editor know. These are currently our tags:

East Lansing Policing (related to ELPD)Investigative Reporting (e.g., background research into public records, conducting multiple interviews)Center City District (Landmark/Newman Lofts development project in Downtown East Lansing)obitsFinances and Taxes (governmental budgets, millages, TIF, taxes)News by the Numbers (data analysis)Interactive MapBicycles (bikes, bike paths, trails, road conversions)Explainers (more for-all-time than “Ask ELi”)Ask ELi (questions from readers that we answer)East Lansing Public LibraryCaring for Each Other (food banks, community etc.)Parks & Rec (parks, Parks & Rec Commission, trails)Infrastructure (pipes, sewers, gas lines, roads)FOIA (stories that use documents obtained through Freedom of Information Act)Annual Report (updates from the publisher)Transportation (buses, trains, cars, roads, pedestrian issues)Human Interest (focuses in-depth on a specific person, often a feel-good story)Evergreen Properties (DDA’s properties on Evergreen Ave.

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We Need a Little Break

It’s Emily’s birthday, and Alice is away, so you’ll see a little less from us for a few days. We hope it makes you appreciate the work of ELi’s team even more!

ELi Hosts Telethon with Actual Famous People

ELi is doing a telethon! Join us on Wednesday to hear from local newsmakers and nationally renown journalists and media commentators, including Dan Savage of “It Gets Better,” John Schwartz of The New York Times, Emily Yoffe of The Atlantic, Emily Nussbaum of The New Yorker, and NPR’s Peter Sagal! No kidding!

Why I Report for ELi

Why should you support ELi during our 2021 Sustainability Campaign? ELi’s City Desk Editor Andrew Graham explains why ELi is important to him and the community.

TSB Capital Advisors’ relations with Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors

This page tracks materials related to the involvement of TSB Capital Advisors in East Lansing’s Center City District deal. TSB Capital Advisors took credit for having “consulted on construction financing” for this deal, indicating, “This transaction continued the firm’s successful relationship with Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors.” The following letter from Timothy S. Bradley of TBS Capital Advisers was provided by Mark Bell of Harbor Bay as part of a packet presented for the Planning Commission meeting on March 22, 2017. (The packet included heavily redacted market studies.)


Here is more from the Harbor Bay presentation on the project to Planning Commission at that time:


Harbor Bay included TSB Capital in the list of groups it thanked in the May 2018 invitation to a celebration of the project. TSB has arranged funding for other Harbor Bay projects in Cleveland and Grand Forks (ND).

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