D.P. Dough Returns to EL, Bringing Calzones and Other Fare

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Emily Joan Elliott for ELi

D.P. Dough is located at 553 Grand River Ave.

The newest addition to Grand River Avenue is D.P. Dough, a restaurant chain that primarily sells calzones ranging from classic choices to food with a flavor of East Lansing, like the Sparty Zone calzone.

This is not the first time D.P. Dough has offered the East Lansing community calzones. There was a D.P. Dough here years ago, but it eventually closed. 

But throughout the last few years, the company has tried to reenter the EL market. Jason Griffin, director of franchise development for D.P. Dough, was instrumental in reestablishing the East Lansing branch. 

“We’ve been trying to get back [to East Lansing] for years, but we wanted a great location, so it just took us a while to find the right spot,” Griffin said.

D.P. Dough finally secured 553 Grand River Avenue for its new location. One reason this spot is so lucrative is that the business’ main customer-base consists of college students, which was why they wanted to return to East Lansing in the first place. 

The restaurant’s late hours and its specialization in delivery are the primary reasons for D.P. Dough’s success among college students. D.P. Dough is open from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m., and makes hundreds of deliveries per day at certain locations.

All East Lansing residents are welcome to dine-in or use delivery to try the 30 different kinds of customizable calzones (including vegan options), tater tots, breadsticks, wings, dipping sauces, and desserts.

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