Ding, Ding, Ding! We Have Hit TWO-THIRDS of Our Goal!

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The ELi water tower is two-thirds full for our work in 2022!

Thanks to you AMAZING ELi supporters, we have just exceeded two-thirds of the goal of $200,000 for our 2022 Sustainability Campaign! We now have obtained $133,600 in donations and annualized commitments to this public news service to support our work throughout 2022.

And, we have an exciting update on one of our mini-goals! We asked for 13 more new donors this week to get us to 100 new donors to this campaign – and we had 24 new donors step up!

The donations from those new ELi supporters this week mean that we were able to unlock the $1,000 bonus provided by a generous local donor for reaching the benchmark of 100 new donors during this campaign!

We are also hoping that you can help us meet another mini-goal of raising $3,500 to fill our Weekend Warrior Bucket! We are currently $1,897 towards that goal, meaning we are looking for another $1,603 in donations before Sunday turns into Monday.

Dylan Lees for ELi

Managing Editor Emily Joan Elliott is excited to announce our mini goals!

Remember that if you commit to a MONTHLY donation to ELi by Omella or by PayPal, that means we can count the ANNUAL amount towards our goal! A monthly commitment of $25 brings us $300 closer to the campaign goal.

AND, we still have just about $3,500 in matching dollars left, which means anything you donate now to this weekend mini-goal will be MATCHED dollar for dollar.

Make this weekend a success by donating here!

Find out more about all the ways you can make a donation to ELi here.

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