ELi Becomes History (But in a Good Way!)

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Erin Passehl Stoddart, new Head of University Archives & Historical Collections at Michigan State University Libraries, holding a copy of ELi's now-archived first paper edition.

This is the time of year when we must warn that ELi could become history if people don’t commit to financially supporting this local news service for the next year. 

But today, as ELi’s Publisher and Managing Editor, we are happy to report that ELi has become history – in a good way! 

Sarah Roberts, Acquisitions Archivist for Michigan State University (MSU) Archives, recently contacted us to let us know that the MSU Archives’ staff have decided to include our work in the historical collections.

Erin Passehl Stoddart, the new Head of University Archives & Historical Collections at MSU Libraries, subsequently explained, “The MSU Archives and Historical Collections is pleased to collect the publications of East Lansing Info (ELi). We want to ensure this important documentation of East Lansing is preserved for future generations. The Archives is collecting both the electronic and paper editions of ELi’s publications as well as crawling its website for submission to the Internet Archive.”

She added, “Accepting ELi resources into the Archives’ collections ensures both the preservation of content as well as provides additional avenues for everyone to discover and access ELi’s reporting.”

Since the two of us hold doctorates in History and have spent a lot of our professional lives benefiting and learning from archives, this is particularly exciting to us. Emily remembers fondly bringing one of her classes to do research at the MSU Archives. Now our team’s work is history there.

Our thanks go out to everyone who makes ELi possible every day, including our donors! We also especially thank Lisa Lees and Morgan Lees for their years of service on ELi’s website – our primary form of news delivery –and designer Cait Palmiter for bringing the “best of” paper editions to life.

 If you’d like to read more about our paper editions –  including why we are doing them –  or if you’d like to see PDFs of them, just click here. Want to subscribe? Click here.

And now for an update on our 2022 Sustainability Campaign:

As a reminder, our goal is $200,000 and our campaign deadline is Dec. 31. That’s when the funds we will obtain from NewsMatch expire. In addition to the $10,000 from NewsMatch, we have raised just over $40,000 in local matching funds to encourage more donations to ELi.

As of today, we have raised $56,790 for the ELi 2022 water tower.

That includes 370 donations, including donations from 67 new donors to ELi, which is fantastic!

We still have just under $34,000 in matching funds left in the ELi water tanker.  So, today is the day to give!

Every dollar you give now will be doubled with the tanker funds as your donation goes into the water tower. 

Commit to an automatic monthly donation and see your donation matched at the ANNUAL rate! So a monthly donation of $25 means $600 for ELi’s tower! (That’s $300 from you over the year, plus a $300 match to us now!)

Giving Tuesday is just around the corner, and we hope that you will support your local, nonprofit news source!

See all the ways you can give by clicking here!

And thank you!

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