ELi Calendar of Events Guidelines

Updated 4-15-20

Submitting an event for the ELi Calendar does not guarantee that it will be included. The ELi Calendar editors use the following guidelines in sorting out which submitted entries are published in the ELi Calendar.

ELi’s Calendar focuses on free or low-cost events that would be of interest to our readers and their contacts in and around East Lansing. Special attention is paid to local not-for-profit and governmental meetings/events that are open to the public. Most events covered in a published ELi article will also have a calendar entry.

Some events submitted to the Calendar are not published for the following reasons:

  • high admission cost;
  • not at an East Lansing location;
  • for-profit events;
  • events having paid advertisements elsewhere;
  • member-only or closed events (not open to general public);
  • material not likely to be of general interest to ELi readers or EL public;
  • on-going classes, workshop series, religious services, and courses (instead of special single events);
  • and (rarely) space limitations (more than 4 entries already listed on that one day at the same time).

To clarify: The ELi Calendar will include items that would be of interest to the general East Lansing community and are open to the public. Events designed for membership-only groups or religious groups that are primarily for their own members are not included. Events typically included in internal bulletins or newsletters, such as announcements of weekly or holiday religious services, are not included.

Community-wide activities are typically included even when hosted by one specific religious institution. Examples include the Interfaith Community Thanksgiving Service, the community arts and solar events at the Islamic Center, and the Interfaith Clergy Association of Greater Lansing-sponsored event to support the Jewish community after the shootings in Pittsburgh.

Partisan political events such as fundraisers for a specific candidate are not included in the ELi Calendar. Elected officials’ constituents meetings or coffee hours that are open to the public may be included. If there are county, state, or national policy/legislative/election discussion meetings that directly impact life in East Lansing in very direct ways and in ways that are disproportional to how other communities might be impacted, and these are events about which people might otherwise not learn, they may be covered in an ELi article and may be also published in the ELi Calendar. Political candidate forums sponsored by non-partisan groups such as ASMSU or League of Women Voters may be included in the ELi Calendar, particularly if they center on an election specific to East Lansing (like City Council or School Board).

In general terms, events included in the Calendar typically include welcoming phrases, like “the public is invited” or “everyone may attend.”

Events for the calendar can be submitted via our special portal.