ELi Contributors Raise Over $132K for 2021 Reporting

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In the period Nov. 1 through Dec. 31, contributors to East Lansing Info (ELi) raised over $132,000 to provide for reporting of important local news in 2021.

Our deep thanks go to all of you who were able and willing to help! While we did not reach our goal, we reached two-thirds of the way there and exceeded last year’s campaign total by over $5,000. This is great news.

So far we’ve received 814 donations to the campaign and, most remarkably, we have 216 new donors to ELi through this campaign.

My personal thanks go to our General Manager Jodi Spicer and our Managing Editor Emily Joan Elliott who pulled out all the stops to get this job done. I also thank Ray Vlasin and Anne Hill for becoming Bucket Captains with me and Jodi, and thank all the folks who helped us with the telethon.

Checks and other contributions are still coming in, so we will know in about a week the exact total for our 2021 Sustainability Campaign. At that point, we’ll develop a budget and engage the community in a discussion of what you want us to prioritize, because ELi belongs to the greater East Lansing community. We are here for you.

Here are some comments from donors yesterday:

“Even though I don’t live in EL, I do work at MSU. I appreciate the reporting you do.”

“Second contribution [from this donor] because we cannot lose your depth of reporting in EL.”

“Keep reporting on the arts, they get us through dark times.”

“This is my federal stimulus money. ELi needs it.”

“I don’t always agree with ELI’s position on the issues. So you must be doing something right. It’s critical to support local journalism! Especially quality reporting like we get from ELI.”

“Thank you for your insightful journalism and service to our community!”

Thank YOU all for your financial and moral support of public service local nonprofit news. We will keep working hard for you.

If you want to donate to ELi to keep our local news reporting coming, you can find all your options here.

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