Here’s Your Chance to Try Curling, East Lansing

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Courtesy Lansing Curling Club

Curling — a sport that basically involves sliding relatively massive granite stones across a sheet of ice to try to get closest to a center target — remains, for most, a Winter Olympics curiosity.

But for those looking to take to the ice and try their own hand, the Lansing Curling Club (LCC) is happy to provide a place. With the 2022 Winter Olympics slated to open on Feb. 4 and curling coming back to mind for those quadrennial fans, the Lansing Curling Club will be hosting an educational event on Friday, Jan. 21, at Suburban Ice in East Lansing.

Courtesy of Lansing Curling Club

Those who wish to participate can register at this link by purchasing a ticket for $30. Participants will get instruction from LCC’s US Curling-trained instructors during a 90-minute session, according to a press release. Newbie curlers will “learn the basics of curling, get out on the ice, learn how to slide out of the hack and deliver the rocks.” 

Masks are required for all participants.

There is limited space in the sessions to ensure the participants get enough time on the ice. The release also notes that all levels of skill and athletic abilities are welcomed and that the club has adaptive gear to help those who need it. 

After the 90-minute educational session, participants are also welcome to stay for full games and to consider joining a league.

Again, you can register for the event here. Contact Mitch Raeck for additional information by email or by phone at 517-331-2694.

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