ELHS Student and Musician Releases New Single

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Photo courtesy of Sophia Strasburg.

Wes Millhouse – East Lansing High School student and singer/songwriter for the band Cross Eyed Strangers – released a new solo single “Crystal Ball” on December 30.

Millhouse began playing music on a fake plastic acoustic guitar and started writing music when he was in second grade. Now, the sixteen year old’s life revolves around music, with orchestra class, marching band, jazz band, and the Mid-Michigan Youth Symphony. He also performs lead vocals, guitar, and keyboards with his band, Cross Eyed Strangers, which includes Jun Ahn on backup vocals and guitar; Thomas Hanley on drums and backup vocals; and Jeremiah Liggett on bass.

Following the album Step Up, Millhouse’s new single, “Crystal Ball” was written roughly two months ago. Millhouse, who performs drums, guitar, bass, piano, vocals and synth is inspired by bands and musicians like Radiohead, Arcade Fire, and Jack White.

Millhouse talked with ELi about the new song’s focus.

“The inspiration was mainly being fed up with my generation as a whole for seeking attention everywhere, and from everyone,” he said. “I hope the listener is able to jam out to the song itself, but also be able to identify the frustration in the lyrics, and maybe have some of it rubbed off on them.”

The single was written, recorded, and produced by Wes in his basement. He still wanted to put out new music, even if the band couldn’t get together amid the pandemic.

“It has made it difficult to do much together, especially since, as numbers have gotten worse, we’ve had to stay home and away from each other,” Millhouse said.

“We are currently in the process of writing the next Cross Eyed Strangers album, and have plans to play via livestream and release some more videos, but we don’t have a date for the next album’s release yet.”

“Crystal Ball” is out now on all music platforms.

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