Now’s Your Chance to Suggest Changes to East Lansing’s Ordinances

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Clockwise from top left: Council members Dana Watson, Aaron Stephens, Jessy Gregg, Lisa Babcock, Ron Bacon, and City Attorney Mike Homier

East Lansing’s City Charter calls for a review of the City’s Code of Ordinances every 10 years.

Right now City staff, the Council, and the new City Attorney are undertaking that review of the City’s ordinances (laws). 

As ELi’s Andrew Graham reported, at this week’s City Council meeting, several changes were voted through, clarifying the role of the Parks & Rec Advisory Commission, correcting the spelling of Patriarche Park, and adopting an updated fire code.

We at ELi encourage you to get involved in local government, so we are launching a way to crowdsource your ideas about which parts of the Code should be revised.

We have set up a simple Google Form that you can fill out to contribute your ideas about ordinance revisions. Your contributions can cover any part of East Lansing’s Code – whether that be about zoning, marijuana regulation, animal control, air conditioner or party noise – you name it!

The form allows you to remain anonymous if you wish, and we will be sharing the results with our readers as well as with the City Council and new City Attorney.

To find the City’s Code of Ordinances, along with related materials, click here. To find our contribution form, click here.

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