Playmakers Hosting a Space Race This Saturday

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Aron Sousa

A special delivery of new running shoes from Playmakers, just in time for Saturday's race.

More than 1,000 runners from 39 states and 4 countries have signed up for the Playmakers “Keep Your Space Virtual Race,” an event this Saturday that blends exercise, competitive spirit, and social distancing.

Participants have the option of running, walking or rolling a 5K length, quarter marathon (6.5 miles) or half marathon (13.1 miles) starting from anywhere they choose.

According to Playmakers Foundation Executive Director Marcy Kinzer, the idea arose from a collective effort to fill a community void created by the coronavirus emergency.

“We were looking for a way to bring our runners together so that they had an opportunity to continue their training, and at the same time have an event that the walkers and rollers might be able to enjoy at a time when we’re spending many hours of the day inside and shut off from the outside world,” Kinzer said.

“The virtual nature of the race works very well because you determine the starting point and the finish line,” Kinzer explained.

A view of the states where people will be participating (shown in orange). As of press time, only South Dakota remained in blue!

As of yesterday afternoon 1,085 participants had registered, and more than $3,600 has been donated to the event’s charity partner, the Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Michigan.

“Both numbers really speak volumes about the people who come out for these events,” said Kinzer, now in her ninth year as foundation director. “The good news is that registration will remain open until race day.”

Registration for the event is free and more information can be found on the Playmakers website.

Playmakers is currently selling its goods online and offering free shipping. If you live close to the store, your delivery may be made by a member of the store’s staff, as happened this afternoon for ELi’s publisher. She ordered a new pair of running shoes yesterday for Saturday’s race and they were delivered today by Andy Marsh.

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