Learn about the Science of Covid-19 and the Vaccines in Today’s East Lansing Insider

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Aron Sousa, M.D., Interim Dean of MSU's College of Human Medicine

Yesterday, Michigan State University’s administration issued new orders to on- and off-campus students to limit contact with others, as MSU public health specialists are seeing some concerning signs with regard to Covid-19.

On today’s special episode of East Lansing Insider, ELi’s podcast, Managing Editor Emily Joan Elliott interviews Aron Sousa, the Interim Dean of MSU’s College of Human Medicine. Sousa lays out details on the vaccines that have been approved and on those still in development. Long story short: the approved vaccines have all been rigorously tested and are safe.

The pair also discuss the new variants that have emerged and what they will mean for us in the greater East Lansing area. Masking, handwashing, and maintaining physical distancing remain as important as ever.

Here’s the podcast:

Currently, Ingham County Health Department and Sparrow are leading the charge to vaccinate our community. You can find out more about the process for the Health Department here and about Sparrow’s program here.

Disclosure: Sousa is a donor to ELi and the spouse of ELi founder/publisher Alice Dreger.

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