ELi and Dreger Move to Get Costs Paid Back In Now-Dismissed Defamation Suit; Chappelle Files For Appeal (Updated)

While ELi and its Publisher and Executive Director Alice Dreger move to ask the court to recoup costs incurred by the now-dismissed defamation lawsuit against them, real estate developer Scott Chappelle — who filed the suit — has filed a claim of appeal. Dreger and attorney Brian Wassom, who represents Dreger and ELi, explain what this means for ELi.

The Wild Turkeys of East Lansing

You may know turkey as that bird on your Thanksgiving table, but ELi’s Aron Sousa tells you more about our famous feathered neighbor, including where to take your visiting relatives to see rafters around East Lansing.

Ask ELi: What’s Behind the Land Acknowledgment of the Indigenous History of East Lansing?

East Lansing, including Michigan State University, occupies the Lands of the Anishinaabeg, and Indigenous faculty at MSU are drawing attention to that with a Land Acknowledgement statement. The City has sometimes adapted and used the statement, too. What is the history of this Land Acknowledgment? What might it mean moving forward?

Why I Report for ELi

Managing Editor Emily Joan Elliott reflects on how ELi has grown as a community institution, including a four-fold growth of “Ask ELi to Investigate” in just one year.

Ask ELi: The Mysterious Case of the Quality Dairy French Onion Dip

In 2019, Quality Dairy announced that it would outsource production of its French Onion Dip to another family-owned producer, but promised the recipe would be exactly the same. Since then, some in the community claim the dip tastes different. Can the recipe be exactly the same and still taste different? Managing Editor Emily Joan Elliott set out on a mission to find out the answers.

ELPS Archery Shoots for the Stars

“Kids who need a niche will find me,” Marble P.E. teacher and archery coach Casey Bain told ELi about the district’s archery program. How has the program developed and how has it weathered the challenges of the pandemic and a very different season?

“Thank You, Pandemic”?

More places to relax outdoors, convenient pink parking spots, MSU disciplining problematic off-campus behavior, more people participating in government. Maybe the pandemic hasn’t been all bad?

Flowers Brighten Up a Triangle

An ELi reader wrote in to say he finally figured out who was planting flowers at Lake Lansing Road and Towar Avenue, brightening the spot. We share his take in our “Little Local Joys” series.

East Lansing’s Rental-Restriction Overlay Districts Could Be Outlawed

If a law under consideration is enacted by the State, Airbnb could suddenly become legal where now illegal in East Lansing, and existing rental-restriction overlay districts would be eliminated in Brookfield, Lantern Hill, Oakwood, Whitehills, Old Whitehills, Harrison Meadows, Bailey, Chesterfield Hills, Red Cedar and Ivanhoe, Southeast Marble, Walnut Heights, Farwood, Glencairn, Pinecrest, Hawk Nest, Hawthorn, and Shaw Estates.

Groovy Donuts Prepares for Fat Tuesday

Place your orders by Sunday night! Groovy Donuts will have apple, blueberry, cherry, chocolate cream, cream, custard, lemon, prune, raspberry, and un-filled paczki. Sarah Spohn spoke to Groovy Donuts’ owner to deliver this sweet report.