“Thank You, Pandemic”?

More places to relax outdoors, convenient pink parking spots, MSU disciplining problematic off-campus behavior, more people participating in government. Maybe the pandemic hasn’t been all bad?

Groovy Donuts Prepares for Fat Tuesday

Place your orders by Sunday night! Groovy Donuts will have apple, blueberry, cherry, chocolate cream, cream, custard, lemon, prune, raspberry, and un-filled paczki. Sarah Spohn spoke to Groovy Donuts’ owner to deliver this sweet report.

Growing Their Businesses in the Town Where They Grew Up

Small business owners Hunter Seyfarth and Ken Campbell didn’t know each other when they attended East Lansing Public Schools. Seyfarth was four years older than Campbell — an eternity for a student. The two also lived in different neighborhoods, making the chance of an occasional encounter even more remote. But now as adults, the two “townies” find themselves in daily contact, fewer than 20 feet apart on East Lansing’s main drag. Seyfarth owns Evergreen Cycle and Repairs, a veteran retail mainstay on the city’s cycling scene.