Why I Report for ELi

Managing Editor Emily Joan Elliott reflects on how ELi has grown as a community institution, including a four-fold growth of “Ask ELi to Investigate” in just one year.

We Need a Little Break

It’s Emily’s birthday, and Alice is away, so you’ll see a little less from us for a few days. We hope it makes you appreciate the work of ELi’s team even more!

Why I Report for ELi

Why should you support ELi during our 2021 Sustainability Campaign? ELi’s City Desk Editor Andrew Graham explains why ELi is important to him and the community.

ELi’s Summer Youth Journalism Program

East Lansing Info (ELi) isn’t just about producing meaningful news for the people of the East Lansing area. It’s also about engaging our community in the process of public-service journalism so that we increase media literacy and appreciation for high-quality journalism. We believe it is our job to help the people of our community learn to distinguish between real news and fake, independent news versus “sponsored content” (which we never publish), and fact from opinion. Our Summer Youth Journalism Program, running annually since 2017, contributes to both sides of ELi – news production and promotion of media literacy. Our program Director, Cody Harrell, has been at the heart of the program’s success.