ELi Shares Info with Sister Nonprofit News Organizations

On this page, you’ll find links to information meant to help our sister nonprofit news organizations understand how we do things here at ELi.

Applying for 501(c)3 status:

Find our materials archived here.

How we do “sustainability campaigns”:

Using this link, you can see the “How We Do Sustainability Campaigns” webinar given by Jodi Spicer, ELi’s General Manager, and Alice Dreger, our Executive Director and Publisher, on Oct. 29, 2020. The downloaded chat from that webinar is here.

ELi’s Sustainability Campaign Spreadsheet:

You can click here to view the special Sustainability Campaign spreadsheet (designed for NewsMatch and more) created by ELi General Manager Jodi Spicer.

How we make quick videos to solicit donations during campaigns:

To see an example of the type of donation-soliciting video we make simply using PowerPoint and QuickTime, watch this:

For instructions on how to make this kind of easy video, see this.

As a fundraising campaign progresses, graphics really help!

Here’s an example of a graphic we have used quite successfully for NewsMatch, when we were eligible for bonuses and doing a sustainability campaign.

We welcome you to download this PowerPoint slide to see how we put it together and to make your own. The pie charts and bar graph were made using Numbers (an Apple program). We then took a screenshot the graphs and put them into this PowerPoint slide, which we updated and screenshot to keep our donors feeling motivated.

Being transparent about costs encourages donations.

Some examples of that kind of transparency are here and here.

Being transparent about support also encourages others to support you!

Here’s where we show off our supporters’ names.