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Since most of us still aren’t traveling leisurely these days, how does a peaceful, relaxing transport to one of East Lansing’s most tranquil settings sound? Massage & Wellness offers many spa and wellness services for pampering and promoting health and well-being with holistic approaches, massages, bodywork, nutrition counseling, and more.

Massage & Wellness Owner and Therapist Alan Glanz attended Massage Therapy School in Hawaii and moved back to Michigan 15 years ago.

“I was interested in starting a business in downtown East Lansing where students and everyone really could come to as a respite from all the ‘busyness’ of downtown East Lansing,” he said. “I wanted a space that was tranquil and provided time away from everything – as well as effective and calming holistic therapies.”

Since then, Glanz said the business has served thousands of clients. In 2019, they added a retail store with products to let customers ‘take the well-being home.’” Post-pandemic, Glanz hopes to increase programming including meditation classes, open houses, and more, to create a community-type environment, encouraging discussions on overall well-being.

“For now, though, we have a meditation room in our suites for anyone looking for a quiet room away from everything, along with guided meditations,” he said.

Massage & Wellness also has a new addition, in the midst of the pandemic.

“We just recently added a 3-person sauna to our facility,” he said. “This has been extremely popular to escape the bitter cold, loosen tight and sore muscles, boost the immune system, and simply escape from the stresses of Covid. We offer 15-min or 30-min times, for $20 and $30 respectively.”

“We’re doing a lot of daily deals though, so these prices are often lower even,” Glanz Continued. The sauna is equipped with color therapy and Bluetooth speakers for relaxing spa music or your own tunes. But you can also enjoy it in silence.

The wellness center’s gift shop has over 1,100 items available for purchase in store or online.

“For kids, we have fun bath bombs and soaps, including even a ‘soap pen’ that allows kids to disinfect their hands and have fun at the same time, writing on their hands. For family time, we added puzzles – all Michigan-themed, that have been especially popular during the pandemic. For romance, we have Pudu slipper socks, chocolates and candies, you name it… For host/hostesses, honestly, a gift card might make the perfect gift, as the person can schedule a massage for those achy feet or back – or use the gift card for a combination of that plus items in our store.”

And there’s more: “For the home, we have many items including crystals and gemstones, petrified wood bookends, agate tea light candle holders, bath bombs, crystal suncatchers, windchimes, lotions, you name it,” Glanz said.

Although it’s the job of staff to assist patrons in relaxing, relieving pain, and de-stressing, the long hours and physically demanding duties make this a tough job. For Glanz and the other therapists, hearing positive customer feedback always makes the work worthwhile, though.

“We recently had an MSU nursing student come in, [a woman] who has not been able to walk without pain for three months due to plantar fasciitis. We did just a 30-minute massage session and she had no more pain.”

Massage & Wellness is located at 541 East Grand River Avenue. They offer gift certificates, available for services and/or retail products, and free local delivery. Their Facebook page often features special discounts, and online offers.

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