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East Lansing Info, your dedicated, local, nonprofit news service is in the midst of its 2021 Sustainability Campaign. We need your help to raise $200,000 to make sure that this valuable investigative news service keeps running next year.

No one else brings you the kind of in-depth reporting focused on East Lansing like we do! Just yesterday, our team reported on the Center City District bond refinancing, brought three more “Spend Locally” features on Saper Galleries, Flat Black & Circular, and Blue Owl Coffee, and brought you news of furloughed MSU students looking for jobs in town.

We bring it for you!

How you can help?

  1. Make a donation today by clicking here. We have matching funds from NewsMatch and local core donors, which means we can double your tax-deductible donation to this 501(c)3 nonprofit!
  1. Share our news sitepodcastFacebook posts, and tweets with family and friends. (Don’t forget to tag #SupportELiNews.)
  2. Become a bucket captain and fundraise with the ELi team!
  3. Keep telling us what you want from your local, nonprofit news team. It helps us do our best work for this community.

Why should you donate to ELi?

Our reporters monitor what’s going on in your community, report what they find, and bring people together to solve problems.

In the past year, the ELi team has broken down why the cost of living in East Lansing is rising, analyzed how your tax money has been spent, and explained how the local economy works.

A donation now may well save you money later!

Our team has also covered a series of other important issues from policing in East Lansing, the local implications of the Covid-19 pandemic, your local public schools, and the day-today work of your local government.

As you make your donation, you can rest assured that approximately 90 percent will go directly to paying our reporters and staff who are offered just compensation for serving our community.

Help us fill our metaphorical water tower, so that next year we can keep serving the community by providing trustworthy local news in East Lansing.

Give now!

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