Girl Scout Hopes to Sweeten the Semester for ELPS Employees

The article that had appeared at this url, about a sale of Girl Scout cookies, has been unpublished

This year, one Girl Scout in East Lansing is working to keep alive a tradition started last year by a Girl Scout Troop from Whitehills Elementary School: collecting enough donations to give a free box of Girl Scout cookies to each member of faculty and staff at East Lansing Public Schools. Last year, a troop from Whitehills collected enough donations to give 230 boxes of cookies to ELPS staff, enough to make sure everyone employed by the district went home with a box of cookies. While that troop is now working to give the same gift to nurses at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, one Girl Scout at East Lansing High School plans to make sure ELPS faculty and staff are not forgotten. Emmerson Davis, older sister of a member of the Whitehills troop, wants every member of faculty and staff at each of the eight buildings that make up ELPS to be given a box of cookies again this year. 

Davis wants to ensure that not just teachers but every worker of ELPS is thanked and cheered up again this year by receiving a free box of cookies from Girl Scouts. When asked why she chose to take on this endeavor, Davis told ELi she is doing it because she believes the teachers and staff in East Lansing’s community have been through so much, and that “cookies make everything better.”

Davis’ Girl Scout troop consists of herself only.