This Week’s “Ask ELi” Grab Bag

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Besides questions about voting that we’ve now answered, three relatively simple “Ask ELi” requests came in this week. We’re answering them all here today, and reminding you that you are always welcome to Ask ELi to Investigate by contacting us!

Question: “Is Bruegger’s Bagels reopening anytime soon?”

Answer: We were not able to reach anyone in media relations at the corporate office, but a stroll downtown resulted in discovery of a sign on the door indicating the shop at 505 E. Grand River Ave. will be back open tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 23, from 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Another sign on the door indicates they are hiring managers, shift supervisors, bakers, and other “bakery team members,” so if you are looking for work, check that out.

Question: “Any news in what they’re building on Trowbridge where the old Quality Dairy stood vacant for a few years? Very excited to see the progress!”

Image taken from a 2019 agenda of the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Answer: The address is 947 Trowbridge Road and the approved plan calls for a Biggby coffee shop with a drive-through window. This project has actually been planned for quite a long time but there were various delays and a lot of review-and-approval requirements along the way.

Question: “I was wondering if you had any info on the decision to convert the Ann Street Plaza motorcycle parking spaces to a loading/unloading zone. I’d like to know if there was an opportunity for comment on that decision? The City of EL website still references ‘parking on the 200 block of Albert’ as being a dedicated motorcycle parking zone. I’m frustrated to see it go, especially considering there are two other larger loading-unloading zones immediately to the NW, and that the size of those spaces won’t really accommodate anything larger than a sedan.”

Answer: According to Scott House, the Director of Public Works for East Lansing, “A Traffic Control Order for the change was approved by Council on September 8, 2020. Opportunity to comment was available at the public comment portion of that meeting. We are updating our website to reflect the change.”

According to what was posted on the September 8 Council agenda, “A series of complaints have been made regarding the motorcycle parking area,” specifically about noise: “Motorcyclists have congregated in the area, revved their engines and otherwise disturbed downtown residents and diners.” (Read more.)

A change like this can be undone if it works its way through the same process. If you want to attempt that, we recommend you contact DPW Director Scott House, as he is always very accessible for citizens who have questions.

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