Your ELi: We Want to Know What YOU Value in a Local News Service

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Take our survey to weigh in on what you think ELi should value in our work!

ELi tries to be what so many American cities the size of East Lansing lack – an honest-to-goodness factual news organization that maintains a strong sense of fiduciary responsibility to the community it serves.

Since we started publishing in our current form in September 2014, we have had countless internal and some public discussions about our duties to our community. But now we want to have a dedicated discussion about “What ELi Values” in order to have a specific list that can be used to guide ELi’s editorial and management decisions, such as how we decide how to expend precious donated funds.

We also think it is important to have a common understanding of for what ELi should advocate – for example, transparency in government, or equal treatment under the law.

So, on Thursday, Feb. 4, at 7 pm, ELi’s Board of Directors will join me and our Managing Editor Emily Joan Elliott for a public Zoom-based discussion of “What ELi Values.” Our goal will be to develop – or begin to develop – a values list that we can refer to as we carry out our fiduciary responsibility to the East Lansing community.

To get a sense in advance of the meeting of where our readers think we should go with this discussion, we’ve created a survey that we are hoping you, our readers, will complete. You can find it here.

Please complete the survey by midnight on Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2021, so we can compile the results before the meeting starts.

Thank you!

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