With Flooding Widespread, City of East Lansing Offers Free Trash Pick-Up (with Stickers)

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Photo contributed by Douglas Olsen to ELi

Flooding at The Quarters apartment complex off Abbot Road near the Fire Department's headquarters.

The monumental rain overnight – coming in at over eight inches in just a few hours – has caused flooding all over East Lansing. ELi is receiving reports of flooded homes, cars, and parks, with widespread damage to property. Emergency workers have been knocking on doors to check on people and to make sure no one goes into flooded areas like basements where there may be live electrical wires.

Residents who have lived in their homes for forty years and more tell ELi they have never seen this amount of flooding in their basements or yards. To date, there have been no reports of injuries to people.

The City of East Lansing has issued a statement saying that City “officials are continuing to monitor flooding” here and offering free extra trash pick-up to help with clean-up. But you still have to obtain the City’s special yellow trash bags or the stickers to use the service.

Here are the details:

“In an effort to assist with recovery and cleanup following last night’s rain event, the East Lansing Department of Public Works (DPW) will be providing free bulk waste stickers and yellow City trash bags to impacted homes for household items that have been damaged by water (i.e. furniture, carpeting, etc.; no construction material please). From Friday, Aug. 13 to Friday, Aug. 20, community members impacted by flooding can stop by DPW, 1800 E. State Road, during regular hours to pick up stickers and bags and schedule a collection. Proof of residency will be required.” 

The City has also offered the following advice: 

  • Don’t go into a flooded basement to shut off an electrical panel. Call your electric provider. The Lansing Board of Water & Light can be contacted at 877-295-5001.
  • If you need assistance with pumping water out of your basement, call a water restoration contractor.
  • Water in basements can also be reported to the East Lansing Department of Public Works at (517) 337-9459, Option 0.
  • Stay away from downed power lines and report them to your utility company immediately.
  • Generators should be operated outdoors where there is plenty of open space for exhaust ventilation.
  • Don’t drive through standing water over roadways.

The City is encouraging residents who need more information on cleaning up after a flood to read advice from the CDC.

While the Red Cedar River exhibited very low flow last week, it is now expected by the National Weather Service to crest at 8.1 feet – minor flood stage – around 8 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 13.

ELi is collecting data on where sewers have been causing problems around town. If your sewer has backed-up in the last day or even in the last few years, please fill out this form and tell us about where you are and what happened when. Thank you.

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