ELi Readers Match Donated Local Funds, Raise $16K for Local News!

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We are so grateful that readers have stepped up and met our local donors’ match challenge, bringing our Stimulate ELi’s Reporting fundraising campaign to a total of $16,141! Here’s a quick video update from yesterday:

Our campaign goal had been $20,000, and we reached 80 percent of that, which is great. We are wrapping up the campaign with huge gratitude.

Of course if you want to still help out, you can:

Give Right Now

This week, supporters of local news have been working to help ELi and other local news organizations raise money to keep doing critical reporting for their readers. This week, the New York Times listed East Lansing Info among American local news organizations that should be supported.

But people don’t donate to ELi because of some mention of our work nationally. They donate because they live here with us, and they know what we do.

Here are reasons donors have named for giving in THIS campaign:

  • “Go, go, go! I am so grateful for the amazing work you do to shine the light across our community!”
  • “Using part of our federal Stimulus check to pay forward for ELi – the best antidote to social-distancing and self-isolation”
  • “Keep shining the Light”
  • “I live outside East Lansing but work at MSU so I need your great reporting to help me understand the community where I work.”
  • “They play the most important role in transparency for EL residents.”
  • “Appreciate the excellent work”
  • “Clear, accurate reporting of key issues for the community”
  • “They get it right. Their coverage is in depth. Their information is reliable.”
  • “I like supporting local journalists.”
  • “The local news on city government and the schools is vital connecting our community”
  • “Rare, invaluable, and unstinting reporting. Thank you.”
  • “Only local news we have, and it’s done so very well!”

When you donate, you can rest assured that about 86 percent of what you donate to ELi goes to pay local people to bring you local news.

Thank you, ELi supporters, for helping bring local news and stimulate our local economy at the same time!

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