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Crunchy's keeps offering fan-favorites curbside.

If you want a burger in East Lansing, it’s hard to do better than Crunchy’s. 

When indoor dining is permitted, the East Lansing bar and restaurant, located at 254 West Grand River Ave., is a go-to spot for game days, a weekend night out, or to grab dinner with friends and family. Plus, Crunchy’s has a delightful lunch special on weekdays: A burger or chicken sandwich with fries or tots (which come author-recommended) and a pop for $9.50.

Oh, and they have a plethora of different toppings for your burger, from Hawaiian (pineapple, teriyaki sauce, mozzarella cheese) to Atomic (chili, jalapeños, jalapeño jack cheese) to Cordon Bleu (smoked ham and Swiss cheese). 

Besides burgers, Crunchy’s has the typical pub grub, like pizza, nachos and wings (which can even be bought by the bucket). And things on the lighter side, like salads and wraps, are also well worth it. Crunchy’s owner Mike Krueger recommends people try out the new Italian chicken sandwich on sale, and made sure to remind that the more than two dozen beers Crunchy’s has on tap are available via takeout.

And Krueger, an active figure in the community, urged people to patronize local businesses.

“I really, really hope people decide to support local restaurants,” he said. “If they want to see us around next year, we need their support now.” 

And due to the lack of in-person dining, MSU going virtual, and the modified college football and basketball seasons, the fall and winter — normally a boon for Crunchy’s — have been anything but.

“It’s been slower this time around, unfortunately,” Krueger said.

To acquire your burgers, beer and other gastronomic delights from Crunchy’s, Krueger highly encourages people to call the restaurant or use Crunchy’s website to order. You can place your order in about a minute and swing by shortly thereafter to collect it. 

Regulars know the narrow alley to get into Crunchy’s, and Krueger urged people against queueing up in it while waiting to grab a takeout order, and noted they’re also doing curbside pickup. All you have to do is call on arrival and your food will be brought to your car.

“Ordering through our website or calling is the preferred way to go,” Krueger said.

Under the most recent statewide epidemic orders, Crunchy’s is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sunday through Wednesday, and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Thursday through Saturday. Again, you can find everything you need on Crunchy’s website and place your order by calling 517-351-2506.

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