Two Big Votes Come to City Council This Tuesday

On Tuesday, Dec. 6, East Lansing’s City Council is poised to make decisions on whether East Lansing should be declared a Sanctuary City and whether the DDA’s loan on the Evergreen Properties should be refinanced again. ELi explains how you can weigh in.

“Thank You, Pandemic”?

More places to relax outdoors, convenient pink parking spots, MSU disciplining problematic off-campus behavior, more people participating in government. Maybe the pandemic hasn’t been all bad?

East Lansing’s Rental-Restriction Overlay Districts Could Be Outlawed

If a law under consideration is enacted by the State, Airbnb could suddenly become legal where now illegal in East Lansing, and existing rental-restriction overlay districts would be eliminated in Brookfield, Lantern Hill, Oakwood, Whitehills, Old Whitehills, Harrison Meadows, Bailey, Chesterfield Hills, Red Cedar and Ivanhoe, Southeast Marble, Walnut Heights, Farwood, Glencairn, Pinecrest, Hawk Nest, Hawthorn, and Shaw Estates.

Burcham Solar Park Blooming Soon

The second phase of the renewable energy project involves planting native perennial grasses and flowers. This should reduce maintenance and benefit pollinators. ELi’s Patty Bonito provides an update.