Want a Job or Volunteer Opportunity? The City of East Lansing Has a Lot of Vacancies

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Dylan Lees for ELi

A sign for student drop-offs at Marble Elementary School

“I am reaching out because East Lansing Public Schools (ELPS) and East Lansing Police Department (ELPD) need your help,” Tonya Williams wrote to her contacts in the City last week.

“We have been short staffed when it comes to adult crossing guards. The task is very important as drivers become more and more distracted behind the wheel.”

Williams serves as a Neighborhood Resource Specialist with ELPD, and she notes that she’s not asking people to volunteer to help keep kids safe, but to take on paid employment: the position of crossing guard pays $12/hour, or about $350 monthly net pay, if you work ten hours a week. The application information is available on the City’s website.

The City is experiencing what many employers are right now: a labor shortage. Right now, the City’s job posting page shows that the City is looking for an associate planner for the Planning & Zoning Division, a budget & accounting analyst, an engineering technician, a garage mechanic, a head of tech services for the library, a plumbing inspector, an electrician, a police officer, a court recorder, childcare aides, and lots more.

In addition, the City has been short of volunteers on many boards and commissions, although Council has lately been making progress by naming a slew of appointments in that regard. You can find information on the governmental volunteer vacancies here.

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