Now YOU Can Help Support East Lansing’s Own Youth Journalists!

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The participants of the 2020 ELi Summer Youth Journalism Program (held online during the pandemic).

We are excited to announce that we have secured $7,500 in matching funds for a special fundraiser launching today and specifically aimed at supporting ELi’s Youth Journalism Program! That means that for every $10 you donate right now to support our youth journalists, we move $20 closer to the goal!

If we can help us and we reach the campaign goal of $15,000, we will have funds available to support not only our 2021 Summer Youth Journalism Program this August (back in-person!), but also to support keeping on our youth journalists as regular reporters for ELi throughout the next academic year!

The funding will also help us build our capacity by allowing us to work with our young photographer/videographer Gary Caldwell to create training videos that will be used with our current and future reporting staff. The videos will also be made available to ELi’s sister local nonprofit news organizations so they can continue to follow our model in bringing their own communities the news.

The matching funds are made possible through the generous support of Jason and Nikki Schreiber, Aron Sousa and Alice Dreger, and an anonymous couple who is working nationally to support innovative approaches to save local news in America.

Show these folks you join them in supporting ELi’s work with community youth by donating today! We have a special, dedicated campaign portal available here that makes it very easy for you to donate!

But you can also donate in lots of other ways, shown here. In that case, just let us know your donation is for ELi’s Youth Journalism Program by attaching a note to your donation or sending a note to You are also welcome to use that address if you need any assistance or have any questions!

Our goal is $15,000 total, and every $25 you donate gets us $50 closer to the goal, thanks to the matching funds!

Our campaign deadline is midnight on July 4, the day we celebrate the birth of American independence, and a day that, to the ELi staff, is a day to celebrate the freedom of the press in America! Help us reach that goal today! Thank you!

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