Real Snow Inspires Snow Creatures in East Lansing

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Jean Weir

A selection of East Lansing's finest.

The presence of abundant, excellent, easy-packing snow has inspired many in East Lansing to go outside and get creative. Jean Weir, age 78, of East Lansing has been shooting pictures of snow creatures as she walks around town, and her daughter Karessa shared them with ELi so that we can all enjoy them.

Here’s a fellow with some pretty fancy arms.
Quite a fashionable ensemble, no?
No masks, so this couple must be bubbling together.
Snow duck! The species is recognizable by the carrot nose.
All these classically-rendered noses make us wonder if Campbell’s Market Basket is out of carrots now.
A member of the Snow Patrol, as the hat indicates.
We especially like the expression on this one.
Now, this looks like a fine home for this charming snow person.
Jean labeled this file “snow pup,” but it looks to us like maybe it’s a darling snow rat?
This is the look you’ll see on the Paris runways, if it snows in Paris.
Usually snow people face the street, but this one seems to be coming home for the evening.
ELi reader Suzanne Bernsten submitted this photo, writing, “At lunch today, we noticed our snowmen had acquired a hat, scarf, bandana, ears… Upon investigation, we realized grandpa had secretly stopped by and added items to keep them warm ? Thanks, dad!”

Don’t see your personal favorite snow creature, or your creation, here? Send me a photo and I’ll add it to this page!

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