Spend Locally: Action Board Shop Offers Adventure on Four Wheels

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Emily Joan Elliott for ELi

Action Board Sports is located on Grand River Ave.

Although the East Lansing area will soon be blanketed with snow, it’s never too early to start thinking about next spring and summer. With warmer weather and cleared sidewalks comes a bevy of outdoor activities. Jogging, biking, walking, running, or – if you’re more adventurous – skateboarding might be your ticket to ride.

With the pandemic, skateboarding – or more specifically, longboarding – has grown in popularity. No one knows this more than Jim MacGregor, owner of Action Board Shop in East Lansing.

“Once the pandemic hit, longboarding became extremely popular because everyone wanted to get outside,” MacGregor said. “It’s the same reason bike shops were out of stock. We saw demand like we’ve never seen, which led to supply issues later in the year. We’re getting back on track with the supply.”

Longboarding differs from regular skateboarding as the deck is longer, and the wheels are wider, making for a smoother riding experience. Longboarding is more about cruising your way to a destination, and less on flipping tricks at a skate park. Although, if that’s your thing, Action Board Shop has you covered.

“We offer longboards, skateboards, pads, helmets, and gift cards,” MacGregor said.  

The store is currently closed for in person shopping, but MacGregor encourages people to view and place their order online for curbside pickup.

MacGregor enjoys helping people pick out the right board for either themselves or a family member, and he hopes to get back to in-person, interactive experiences soon.

“Our store will be open for walk-ins again soon, we’re just not exactly sure when,” MacGregor said. “We loved interacting with customers, helping them chose the perfect board. Sometimes we would have group skates as well.”

Action Board Shop is located at 541 East Grand River, Suite J., and can be reached at 517-333-6860 or through their website.  

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