Spend Locally: Groovy Donuts

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Groovy Donuts, located on Lake Lansing Rd., serves up local treats and coffee.

Sweet treats make everything better, right? Groovy Donuts in East Lansing is open four days a week to bring a bit of joy to your life – one donut at a time. The bakery serves up Foster Coffee Company’s brews and offers a variety of buttermilk, sour cream, and cake donuts along with bismarks, long johns, and the most popular menu item – fritters.

“We offer a classic apple fritter, and at least two other fritters (currently cherry-apple and blueberry),” Co-owner Andrew Gauthier said. “My personal favorites tend to be our seasonal offerings. I get asked what my favorite is pretty frequently and it really varies, based on my mood. But, I really like the seasonal donuts, because you can’t get those year-round!”

Months ago, Groovy Donuts began offering a “Donut of the Week,” which proved to be a hit with the regular customers, keeping their doors open. “So, to offer them something in return for their support, we decided to provide a Donut of the Week to add some variety, and it has become incredibly popular. So, we plan to continue the Donut of the Week every week going forward,” Gauthier said.

The Donut of the Week and seasonal offerings also prove to some, to be on the list of “best kept secret” menu items. “While our regulars look forward to the specialties, folks who don’t come in all the time or are new to Groovy Donuts often don’t know that we make a point of offering seasonal and holiday-specific donuts. We really enjoy making those special donuts, like our Guinness Chocolate Cake Donut for St. Patrick’s Day, Cider Donuts for Fall, and Gingerbread Donuts for Winter/Christmas season and many, many more.”

No matter what donut you pick – a plain buttermilk cake, a Blueberry bismark, the signature Groovy Donut, or a Boston Cream long john, chances are you’ll be grinning even before the first bite. Those ear-to-ear grins are Andrew and Monica’s favorite part about their business. 

“My favorite interactions with customers are when you see the smiles on their faces when they are looking at the donuts,” Gauthier said. “Our goal is to make every customer happier than when they came in that door and in these difficult times, that’s more important than ever.”

Groovy Donuts also offers online ordering, curbside pickup, e-gift cards, and merchandise on their online store. Their brick and mortar storefront is open Thursday-Sunday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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