Flowers Brighten Up a Triangle

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Gary Caldwell for ELi

The triangle caused by the "slip lane" at the intersection of Lake Lansing Road and Towar Avenue is currently planted with flowers.

If you’re one of East Lansing’s year-rounders, you’ve probably come to appreciate many of the nooks and crannies around town where someone has taken the trouble to brighten what might be a weedy, dull spot with some lovely flowers.

ELi reader Mike Cosgrove shared with us his joy over one such spot – the triangle formed where Lake Lansing Road meets Towar Avenue (an area that’s been getting a fair bit of attention as local road officials look to improve the intersection).

Cosgrove told us he’s been trying to figure out for years who has been planting that triangle with flowers. And he finally happened to catch the do-gooders in the act. It was Outdoor Expressions, a local landscaping company. According to Cosgrove, they change out the flowers with the seasons.

“Congratulations to Outdoor Expressions on a job well done and I’m sure appreciated by others,” Cosgrove wrote to us. “I’m sure others in E. Lansing have been wondering about this as well, so maybe on a slow day, ELi might take a look at a little corner of beauty and share it with your followers.”

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