We Need a Little Break

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ELi Publisher Alice Dreger (left) and Managing Editor Emily Joan Elliott (right), who both use their Ph.D.'s in History in their work for ELi.

I write this as I just got off an interview with a host from an NPR show who wanted to hear about East Lansing Info – our local news brigade – and so I am awash with gratitude to you all for making this work possible.

I talked about our core staff, our reporters, our Board of Directors, our Community Advisory Board, our tipsters, our network of advisors, our supporters. I talked about how we work together, in East Lansing, to bring ourselves the news in a deeply responsible fashion – responsible to each other, responsible for each other.

“But you sound tired,” she said.

And I am, as is our great Managing Editor Emily Joan Elliott. The ELi team has been knocking it out of the park, and the news has been flowing heavily.

This week is Emily’s birthday (feel free to donate in her honor!) and I am away helping my elderly parents and attending two virtual conferences: the Knight Media Forum, where I’m speaking on bringing local news, and a workshop on free speech hosted by George Mason University.

So, we have been making it light at ELi this week, and keeping ELi quiet this weekend. Forgive us if we are slower than usual to answer questions and if some stories pass us by or take a while longer to produce. If you find yourself frustrated, try to turn that into the realization of just how much you value this service.

I know I sure do. Thank you for making it possible.

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