Thank you! We have reached our fundraising goal!

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We are excited to announce that, thanks to our generous donors, we have reached our $15,000 fundraising goal for the ELi Youth Journalism Program!

Thanks to your help, we now have funding secured to teach our fifth-annual Summer Youth Journalism Program, to pay our high school and college reporters to keep producing high-quality local journalism during the academic year 2021-22, and to build our administrative capacity through development of ELi training videos with our excellent young videographer, Gary Caldwell.

This is fantastic! Our goal was to raise the funds by midnight on Independence Day – to celebrate freedom of the press – and thanks to a generous donor who saw we had $517.50 to go and who donated $520, we hit our goal two days early.

You can, of course, donate at any time to support the public news service that is East Lansing Info. It’s easy to help us in this critical local journalism endeavor. Check out all the ways here.

Thank you again to everyone who reached out to help, especially Jason and Nikki Schreiber for seed-funding our match campaign along with ELi founder Alice Dreger and her spouse Aron Sousa and an anonymous couple. We did it!

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